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July 30, 2012

Attn: Marco

As you know, the Veteran’s Administration has afforded Mr. G with home attendant services through your organization.

I am pleased to say that your organization is run very efficiently and professionally and I have always found you concerned and aware of the services you provide us with.

Marco, at times if a problem arose, you always very professionally handled it immediately and I do appreciate this. We are extremely grateful always for your concern and compassion.

I might add here that we are extremely fond of Elonda. She is efficient, caring and kind to Mr. G. I only have good comments to report to and the VA clinic.

Sincerely, Mary Grigiore
Mary Grigiore Vision Homecare Services

I want to say thank you to you and your staff. During the time that my mom was a client of Vision Homecare was wonderful experience for all of us. When we first had our meeting with Ronnie, mom was more than a little scared at the idea of having someone come in and help her. After talking to Ronnie (as she sat at the end of the couch next to my mom holding her hand explaining everything to her face to face) mom understood that she is going to get the help from warm and caring people. She was in your care from September 2008 up to August 2009. Her care giver was Hyacinth Clarke who treated her as if she were part of her own family. With the respect, caring and love that family have for one another. Hyacinth was viably upset when I explained to her that mom needs more help in an Alzheimer type facility. What she had done over that past year was above and beyond that of her “title” care giver. Mom’s apartment was always neat, clean and stocked with everything that was need to care for her. From the wash to the bed making. As if it were her own Hyacinth cared for it all. Where mom lived was a very active community, most residents were very functional and some thought they were “privileged” and at times did not treat my mom well. I was told by an employee of the facility about an incident. One of the “privileged” residents talked down to my mom (mom was having a hard time doing something do to her Alzheimer’s) and Hyacinth stepped in and put that woman in her place, protecting mom. As a said before, above and beyond. Just wonderful.

Your company became part of my family, not the crazy cousins but the upstanding, caring, and loving part of a family that makes you grow into a better person. Thank you to All,

David WagmanVision Homecare Services

I am writing you a letter to express my sincere appreciation for Wilner Cenord, an employee of Vision Homecare Services. I count myself extremely fortunate to have had him into my home for the last ten days. This man has a true spirit of caring and compassion for people who need his help. He expresses it in so many ways every day.

Each morning he entered my home with a smile and friendly greeting, along with an inquiry of my health status. Once I had spent time with him the first day showing him where things were, how to operate the appliances, etc, he just went right to work each day thereafter on his own without being asked or told what to do.……

Dan SheldonVision Homecare Services

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