Long-Term Care Insurance

Vision Homecare Agency is a Professional and Effective Solution for your Homecare needs for your loved ones!

Long Term Care

You may need home health services (including skilled nursing care, rehabilitation therapy, or services provided by a home health aide) but don’t participate in a government insurance program, or perhaps you desire more services than these programs cover. With Vision, you may choose to obtain these services under a private insurance plan, a managed care plan or a long-term care insurance policy.

Commercial or Private Health Insurance

Commercial or private health insurance. Plans sponsored by an employer (or if you’re retired, a former employer), and those purchased by an individual often cover home health services for limited periods. Check with your plan administrator, benefits coordinator, or insurance representative to verify what your policy covers and whether home health services require an authorization. :

Managed Care Program

Vision accepts a wide variety of Managed Care Programs and Medicare Advantage Plans. Check with your managed care company to verify that Vision is a participating home health care company and whether home health services require an authorization. 

Related Forms of Insurance

Whether provided by an employer or purchased individually, LTC generally provides specific dollar payments for insured persons who require assistance with activities of daily living. Policies vary in terms of how much assistance is covered, and by benefit amounts. Be sure to check with your provider to verify that your plan covers what you think it does.

We understand there is no place like home. We are committed to supporting the decision for seniors to remain in their home where they can maintain a healthy sense of independence and personal dignity